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Spanking Video

Zille Defeu Gets a OTK Spanking

When I first saw the incredible Zille Defeu I was indeed smitten Dear Reader. A seemingly intelligent, fun (not to mention gorgeous) girl who indeed knows that she needs a good hard spanking from time to time. Unfortunately (for us) Zille (pronounced like Jill, not Jilly) has a significant other. But that does not indeed keep her from getting spanked by others! In this wonderful production from Northern Spanking she is taken over Steven Lewis’s able knee to have her rather delightfully tight gym shorts taken down and given a proper bare bottom spanking. Of course Dear Reader she thoroughly deserved such a punishment for encouraging fellow firecrotch Irelynn Logeen for cheating during a road race. Of course Irelynn is not completely blameless and I am sure he will get around to beating her butt soon enough. But for now Zille is the one to suffer a painful spanking

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