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Wet Bottom Spanking in a Hot Tub

It is well known Dear Reader to our young ladies that a spanking on a wet bottom is infinitely more painful than being spanked on a dry bottom. Bare bottom or not. There is actually a scientific reason for this! You see when a hand comes down upon a bare bottom at high speeds the water droplets upon the skin actually compress heightening the sensation of being spanked. Something both Pandora and Leia Ann Woods know much about, yet still dread such a punishment. Now couple this with being unceremoniously pulled out of a nice warm hot tub and being exposed to the raw English cold you have just about the most unpleasant spanking one could get. Even before Paul applies the strap on their ever reddening bare bottoms. Serves them right for ignoring Leia’s babysitting duties and drinking wine in a hot tub!


Brought to you By Triple A Spanking


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2 Responses to “Wet Bottom Spanking in a Hot Tub”

  1. jenny says:

    That s what you get for going in a hot tub when your suppose t to be babysitting

  2. faith says:

    hey i get i spanking too it hut

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