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Spanking Video

Veronica Ricci gets a Naked Spanking

It is indeed special when a mainstream model is naughty enough to realize that she indeed needs a good hard spanking. But when that model is a former penthouse pet that is indeed quite delightful. Thus is the situation with the incredible Veronica Ricci. Appearing as the 2009 Penthouse Pet of the month is indeed an achievement even for such a beautiful girl. But indeed winning the New Spankee of the year award in 2011 is even a higher accolade! But it seems our girl has some issues that can only be dealt with in a traditional manner. Namely a good hard spanking. Now fame indeed only lasts so long and at some point she indeed needed a job. Which unwisely she came under the employment of the famed Madame Clare Fonda who indeed rules her girls with an iron hand. After an extended vacation she returned with quite a blemish on her hot little bottom from some self admitted rough sex “greed style”. Such irresponsibility can only mean one thing. She of course needed a hard painful spanking. After of course she is stripped to her hot little birthday suit she is put across momma Clare’s knee and spanked soundly. From Spanked Callgirls

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