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Spanking Video

Sierra Salem gets a True Punishment Spanking

While we have indeed seen many a girl spanked across these fine pages Dear Reader it is rare to capture a true domestic punishment spanking on tape. Today of course we are treated to this little gem from our friend Dallas, who well…. Spanks Hard!. As you might know my dear friend was involved with the lovely Sierra Salem a number of years back. Being that she was only 19 one could imagine that she acted just as a young lady might act. Rather irresponsibly which as we all know is corrected quite effectively with a good hard spanking. Well much to her nature pretty Sierra managed to lose the job that our friend had gotten her. Dallas thought that something a little more effective than a simple hand spanking would be in order. Much to Sierra’s dismay that something was a rather large and wooden bath brush to be used on her dainty little bottom. Make no bones about this Dear Reader this is a true punishment spanking one that Sierra really didn’t want.


For the Full Domestic Spanking Click Here

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One Response to “Sierra Salem gets a True Punishment Spanking”

  1. Shiki says:

    Not much spanking involved, bad video

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