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Spanking Video

Samantha Woodley Spanked over Dallas’s Knee

Do you remember Dear Reader those comic’s that you used to read when you were a kid. It was always exciting when you had those specials where one superhero meets the other in a special edition. If there was ever an equivalent in the Spanking World today would be it as Samantha Woodley returns from her long hiatus only to be spanked by my friend and master Spanker, Dallas. Given that she had not been spanked in so long it is obvious that she indeed has a very hard and painful spanking coming. Which of course is expertly dealt out by Dallas’s hard hand. Particularly after her last shoot where she jumped into her car, quite intoxicated and drove to a bar! Something like that Dear Reader cannot go unpunished! Judging from the very painful hand spanking he gives her I assure you Dear Reader that she will soon regret her actions. From Dallas Spanks Hard

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