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Spanking Video

Not Obeying gets Natasha A Spanking From Dallas

My friend Dallas was somewhat hesitant to join my new merry band of spankers. For good reason, since many a spanking house relies on their fine spanking movies of their living. But thankfully when I started out in this business I made sure to conduct myself with the honesty you have come to expect from me Dear Reader. Thus he gave me the green light to share the painful Spankings he deals out with the rest of you. No longer do I have to describe the might with which he punishes a bad girls bottom. You indeed can see for yourself! On Dallas Spanks Hard

That being said, one must question the judgement of a girl like little Natasha who already experienced a bottom bruising spanking from a man that won the hardest spanker of the year for 3 years in a row. You would think once would be enough. Apparently this is not the case. While the memory of pain and humiliation might diminish over time it was a mere months ago she had first found herself over Dallas’s knee getting a her ass lit up by his hard hand. And now she is back! Needless to say our friend doesn’t waste time pulling down her pretty pink panties and giving her another spanking that we hope this time she will not forget.


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