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Spanking Video

Kami Robertson Gets a Spanking In Dance Class

I figured that this was only fitting since our lovely little Kami Robertson earned the “Best Facial Expression during a spanking” during the 2011 Spanking awards over at The Spanking Spot last year. Also she is a personal favorite of mine and indeed and any excuse to see her hot little behind get spanked is indeed a good one Dear Reader. Particularly in those hot little tights she has on. Unfortunately for her, Dancers and Boys indeed don’t mix. In the top echelons of the art dating is strictly forbidden since all of their efforts should indeed be concentrated on their art form. A rule our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian strictly enforces. But indeed she is seen with a boy, and when our friend Triple A finds out he confronts her. But alas she commits another spanking offence, she lies and tells him its her brother. A lie easily seen though since she was seen kissing him and Kami is obviously not from Kentucky. Thus he spanks her not once but twice! Spanking is of course a quite effective interrogation technique and after many a painful blow to her now bare bottom she confesses. Not before our friend makes sure that she will not be sitting down anytime soon. This indeed is one of my favorite Spanking of our lovely girl which of course you can find at Spanked in Uniform.

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