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Juliet Valentina’s Hard Bare Bottom Spanking at School

There once was a man from Nantucket….. Well, perhaps that wasn’t the most well thought out school assignment that the incredibly cute Juliet Valentina ever submitted to her English teacher. But much like most schoolgirls these days she figured she would get a good talking to or perhaps a day in detention. Never in her wildest dreams did she think Richard Windsor had a more fitting punishment for her rudeness. But then what does she expect when she appears on a site called Punished Brats! Of course she was indeed horrified to learn that she would be receiving an old fashion OTK Spanking on her bare bottom from the exasperated English professor. Judging from her cries and indeed a more appropriate limerick about what happened to her perfect bottom says to me that perhaps she learned her lesson. Particularly when he posts her revise homework for all the students to see.

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One Response to “Juliet Valentina’s Hard Bare Bottom Spanking at School”

  1. The Thin Man says:

    Juliet has always been my number one naughty schoolgirl,fantastic bottom and attitude,thanks for posting.

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