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Spanking Video

Bare Bottom Spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford

When it comes to spanking girls Dear Reader none is more enjoyed than a pretty girl in a school uniform with her bottom bared over someones knee. Thus is the theme for this weeks movie brought to us by our friend the Able Amsterdam Authoritarian who runs a rather strict school called St Catherine School Gor Girls. Now one of the rules of this fine educational establishment is absolutely no makeup. Which of course the beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford violates quite flagrantly. Of course such a stellar institute of learning has done away with such silly things as suspension and instead insists on punishing their girls with the more effective corporal punishment. What better way Dear Reader than to put a squirming girl over ones knee and spank her bare bottom.

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2 Responses to “Bare Bottom Spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford”

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  2. FatherJon says:

    Amelia has the loveliest bottom of all the English spankees. A real delight to watch :-)


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