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Spanking Video

Bad Girl Gets Spanked

Welcome back Dear Readers, Today is indeed exciting for we have yet another fine spanking house joining our merry band of spankers. Greg our illustrious mystery spanker emailed me with a plea to include him in Your Humble Narrator’s video site. And of course that is exactly what I am going to do! Now when it comes to hiring models Greg seems time after time to attract self centered, entitled brats. That indeed makes it rather hard to do a fashion shoot. Particularly with the gorgeous Keli Anderson refusing to finish it because she wants more money. Of course our friend Greg is called to sort out the matter. He gives her an offer she cannot refuse mainly because she is held firmly across his knee getting her bare bottom beaten quite severely by our hard handed friend. With the cries of BAAAAAAAD GIRL echoing throughout the garbage dumps of New Jersey to entertain us all. From Bun Beating Fun.

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3 Responses to “Bad Girl Gets Spanked”

  1. koen says:

    she gets what she deserved
    naked spanking
    good girl

  2. Bryn Lampi says:

    Wow u spank very good and she def deserved it…man my butt hurt just watchin that. U can spank me too!!!!!!

  3. John says:

    That’s a very sadistic spanking.No girl would want that.

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