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Spanking Video

Amy Hunter Spanked with a Paddle

If there is one thing in this world Dear Reader that delights me it is indeed girls in tight short shorts. None wears them so delightfully well than our own little Amy Hunter. At a mere 5’ nothing she is the perfect size to be given an old fashion OTK Spanking. Which incidentally over the years she has received quite a few of them. Particularly on Northern Spanking

Now it seems that I am indeed not the only one of the opinion of our hot little Amy in tight shorts. It seems indeed that the whole internet is delighted. That is until her Uncle Paul walks in and finds her doing naughty things with a webcam. Of course her viewers get a little more than they bargained for when Paul puts her over his knee and paddles her not only over her tight little shorts but on her bare bottom as well.

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  1. jim says:

    so hot!!!

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