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Spanking Video

A Severe Hairbrush Spanking for Monique

Brought to you By Real Life Spanking


Our favorite Able Amsterdam Authoritarian is not known for dishing out severe bottom bruising spankings. That is not to say Dear Reader that the girls he spanks are not indeed sorry for their transgressions! After all he spanks them hard enough that they hurt. Mostly he leaves very severe punishment up to other spankers. Well Dear Reader not today. You see the adorable Monique has been caught smoking a joint. Something Triple A severely disproves of. Now I may not share his opinion on whacky weed. In fact from my writings you probably already know that banning a non addictive plant that has less lethality than tooth paste seems rather asinine to your Humble Narrator. None the less we cannot have our girls getting high can we? They might get fat from all those Cheetos! Thus our friend puts petite little Monique across his knee and delivers the hardest spanking I have ever seen him give with the back of a hard wooden hairbrush. Such a spanking reduces poor Monique to tears as she begs him to stop spanking her. This punishment will be long remembered!

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  1. senna says:

    did this clip has any full version?

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