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Spanking Video

A Cheerleader Spanking

There has never been a subsection of girls that were in desperate need of a spanking than the long despised cheerleaders. Known for their attitude, snobbishness and their ability to torture other girls who didn’t quite win the genetic lottery. It is no wonder that we spanko’s really love to see them over a guys knee with their panties down getting what they truly deserve. A good hard Bare Bottom Spanking. Thankfully our Able Amsterdam Authoritarian knows this thus his rules are quite strict. First and foremost they must where white knickers! But of course not all the girls agree with this. Namely Caroline Grey who opts for a pair to match her uniform and show off her very nice bottom. But indeed she won’t be showing it off anytime soon judging from the very red bottom he gives her. Courtesy of Spanked In Uniform

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